Collaboration (n) :

I would like to acknowledge humester Sarah Baker for taking the time to edit this collaborative piece.

You have made it to the collaborative portion of the portfolio– Welcome. Similar to the body, things are often done the best when there are multiple parts working together. Completing a collaborative task allows for individuals to shine where they do best, while producing a cohesive and thoughtful product.

For my collaborative work, I have teamed up with fellow humesters: Sarah Baker, Maggie Kinton, Owen Williamson, and Hudson Sellers. Together we will be engaging in a finished product that centers around the collective body. By using the inspiration of Romare Bearden, see more below, we plan to exhibit our individual bodies as a whole.

Romare Bearden:

Romare Bearden (1911 – 1988) born in Charlotte, North Carolina was an esteemed artist. Bearden’s work often focused on the unity and cooperation from the Black community. His art style consisted of abstract collages that often focused on the body. His style was very well-received and the collages he produced are considered to be his best work.

Romare Bearden, The Calabash, collage, 1970, Library of Congress

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