Shared Responsibility

If you have been on campus this semester then you are familiar with the signs around campus that express our shared responsibility. As I noticed these signs throughout the year, I would find some humorous and wonder how would someone from the past react to this. Our bodies have become accustomed to this type of signage and restriction but imagine the feeling of seeing this a year ago, two years ago, we would think the world went to chaos. For this reason I decided to document these signs as they act as an archive to our new normal. They show how our bodies have physically and mentally adapted during these COVID-19 years, and will impact us in the post COVID-19 era. In a way it is almost scary and unsettling how quickly we adapted to this new life, perhaps it has something to do with the humor subtly passed in some posters. I hope these pictures resonate with you and make you notice how your body, mentally and physically, has changed throughout this Covid-19 time.